Nov 08, 2023

Order Your Prescription Glasses and Contacts Through Warby Parker. Here's How

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Don't buy contacts and glasses from your eye doctor's office. You can get a better deal from Warby Parker.

For 20 years now, I've been wearing contact lenses -- but this year, I decided I wanted to try out prescription glasses. What I didn't know was how expensive they would be. Even with no add-ons -- like blue light filter lenses -- and subtracting what insurance would cover, a pair of basic glasses was going to cost me nearly $400. That's when I looked to Warby Parker.

A majority of the glasses on Warby Parker's website are $95 -- and that includes the prescription lens. You can also choose lens options, such as blue light filtering and progressives, for an additional cost. Plus, if you also wear contact lenses, you can buy those at the same time.

I'll explain how to order your prescription glasses and contact lenses through Warby Parker, even if you have eye insurance. For more, here are the six best places to buy contacts online.

Picking frames is easy. Instead of visiting a store to try on glasses, Warby Parker lets you order up to five frames to try on at home for free. (The company has over 215 locations if you want to try out frames in person.) The sizes come in extra narrow, narrow, medium, wide and extra wide. When you've made a selection, you can send the frames back. Here's how to make your selection.

With the Warby Parker website or app, select Home Try-On. Make sure you've selected Available for Home Try-On before looking through the frames because some frames can't be tried on before buying (unless you go to the store).

Select five frames you're interested in trying on -- you can also see what any of the frames look like on your face by clicking Try on virtually -- and once you've made your selections, go to your cart to check out. Note that while it's free to try them on, you'll still need to put a credit card on file in case you don't return the frames.

The frames will arrive packaged neatly in a box, each individually wrapped.

Once you receive the frames, you have a five-day window to try them on and return them. That includes the pair you love, because you'll need to return them since they don't have your prescription yet.

To return the frames, place them back inside the box they arrived in and stick the prepaid shipping label on the outside of the box. You'll need to take them to your local post office to send them back.

Now that you've tried on several pairs of frames, it's time to decide which ones you want to buy. (You can also order another round of frames to try out once you return the first set.) Visit the product page and select the size frame you want -- your options are narrow, medium and wide, as well as kids sizes and low bridge fit. If you're not sure, Warby Parker's AI feature can measure your face and give you a chance to see what the frames look like on your face, virtually.

Next you'll pick your prescription lens type. You can choose single vision, progressives, non-prescription or readers. You can also choose other features such as blue light filtering and light responsiveness for an additional cost.

Add the frames to your cart after you've made all the customizations. Then you'll be asked to add your lens prescription. You can either upload a photo of your prescription, have Warby Parker contact your eye doctor or send it in later.

If you have insurance, you can also add that. Note that your insurance provider may consider Warby Parker to be out of network. If that's the case, you'll need to apply for reimbursement after placing your order. Before you order, you may want to check with your insurance provider about its reimbursement policy.

When you're ready, place your order and wait for your frames to arrive.

Yes. If you purchase a year's supply of contact lenses, you'll receive a $50 credit toward a pair of glasses. And if you've never placed a contacts order, you'll get 20% off your first order.

If you don't wear contact lenses, there's also a promotion going on if you buy two pairs of glasses. You can get 15% off when you buy two or more pairs of prescription glasses or sunglasses.

You don't need a code for any of these deals.

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