Jun 27, 2023

Save 15% on Pair Eyewear's Customizable Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

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Change your look in seconds with the brand's interchangeable top frames for both glasses and sunglasses.

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If you're one of the over 150 million bespectacled Americans, you've probably gotten the urge to buy a new pair of frames just to change up your look and keep things interesting. After all, it can be hard to commit to wearing the same style every day for years on end. That's where Pair Eyewear comes in. The trendy glasses brand offers interchangeable pieces that magnetically attach to the front of your glasses to change the color or pattern. All you have to do is pick your base frame style (prices start at $60), and choose from the brand's many top frame styles. If you're not a glasses wearer, then the same goes for sunglasses. Right now, you can try some out for 15 percent off sitewide with code SUNNY15.

You'll find Pair Eyewear's basic frames pretty simple, as it has the same offerings for both sunglasses and regular glasses. But the top frames are where you really get the opportunity to add some personality. Shop collections from Marvel, the NBA, Harry Potter and a number of other fan favorites. Plus, Pair Eyewear is FSA- and HSA-eligible.