Jul 15, 2023

Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown's husband Tony 'shades' wife for leaving him and their kids in new pic

SISTER Wives star Mykelti Brown's husband Tony has seemingly shaded her for going on vacation without him and their three kids.

Mykelti jetted to the UK last week with her mother Christine, Christine's fiance David Woolley and her sisters Ysabel, Aspyn, Isabel, Truely.

The 27-year-old left her three children - daughter Avalon, two, and eight-month-old twin sons Archer and Ace - at home with Tony.

She has since been sharing photos and videos of their travels around the country, from London to York, with her family.

On Wednesday, Tony appeared to take a subtle swipe at his wife on Instagram.

He posted a snap of himself posing with twins Archer and Ace and another of his mother and sister with the twins and Avalon.

The father of three thanked his family for helping him look after the three young kids while Mykelti was away.

"Just want to say that I’m very blessed with a loving family!

"I'm grateful that My Mom and Sister came up from St. George, to help me watch my babies."

Mykelti commented on the post: "You look amazing!!! I’m so happy you’re having a good time."

The Sister Wives star revealed last week that she was going away without her kids.

Mykelti shared a selfie with her breast milk pumped into several sachets placed inside a refrigerator.

She wrote: "I’m on Holiday without my babies. I’m pumping to keep up my supply, I can’t donate it in the country I’m staying.

"So what are my alternative options…..? #liquidgold #whattodo #takeabath #alternativemilklatte."

While many people offered advice in response to her question, some of her social media followers debated her decision to go on vacation without her kids.

One person asked: "Did you leave your babies???"

Another added, "You left Tony with all three babies," along with a face palm emoji.

However, several fans were quick to defend Mykelti, for taking the trip.

One person wrote: "People like you are what makes moms feel guilty about going somewhere."

Another fan raged: "To all the people trying to shame her for leaving on a trip and leaving the babies with their dad, the other caregiver:

"Women are allowed to have time to themselves, even if you don’t agree with it.

"Dads are VERY capable of caring for their kids. Your opinion on her doesn’t pay her bills, so kindly stfu."