Jun 07, 2023

This face shield has safety goggles built in

August 1, 2023 | By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

Typically, when workers wear a face shield, they still have safety glasses on underneath. That is because most face shields have gaps on the bottom and sides that can let dangerous materials in. Conversely, Vader Combo (photo) is a face shield with the safety goggles built-in. It is one wearable piece of personal protection equipment (PPE) that does the job of two. It covers the whole face and protects the neck from foul or painful debris, sparks or liquid sprayback. Vader Combo has BK-Anti-Fog protection that lasts 15 times longer than EN 166/168 requirements for the best visibility available, says the company. Its integrated face shield offers 180-deg. peripheral vision and face coverage. — Brass Knuckle Safety Products, Alpharetta, Ga.