Oct 14, 2023

This Fashion Expert's Packing Hack Is a Game Changer for Carry

All you need is an iPhone.

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Olga Rolenko/Getty Images

For those of us who may get a bit overwhelmed by outfit planning for an upcoming trip fashion blogger Emily Schuman has a seamless packing tip that may eliminate any stress.

“I’m trying a new packing hack for France, and it’s kind of a game changer,” Schuman, the founder of blog Cupcakes and Cashmere, shared in a video as she takes a selfie of an outfit she's packing — a cream dress with black sunglasses and black Mary Jane shoes.

Crediting a fellow fashion influencer, Schuman said, “instead of just throwing a bunch of random pieces in my suitcase and hoping for the best, I’m using Morgan Riddle’s technique, and planning each outfit, photographing them, and then copying and pasting them into my notes app, so I have it all organized and easy to see."

To do so, Schuman used the iPhone trick that allows users to lift the subject out of an image and copy it to a new place. All you need to is select the photo you want to use then touch and hold the main subject (for this case, you in your outfit). When the outline appears, tap “copy” and paste it into the notes app. The outlined subject can also be placed in an email or a text.

And you don't necessarily have to be in the outfit as photos can be taken of outfits on a hanger or laid out on a surface.

After Schuman photographed each look and copied it to her notes app, she then categorized each look for “day” or “night” so that “there’s flexibility,” adding that she also photographed “travel outfits as well as extras so I can mix and match.”

The hack was a hit with Schuman’s fans, who were quick to jump into the comments section to praise the advice.

“I did the same thing for my last trip to Colorado,” one commenter wrote. “Makes much less stress and anxiety of packing a ton only to not love anything when you get there.”

“This level of planning is key for the carry-on girlies line myself,” another added.

This hack will surely help you stay organized for your next trip, though if you need more, read up on 18 packing hacks Travel + Leisure editors use to pack lighter, smarter, and faster, so you can be completely ready to unwind when you arrive at your destination.