May 25, 2023

Trendy Sunglasses

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Not your fault the glam life chose you.

Whatever, I'm late to the club, but yes, I've been getting into sunglasses lately! To clarify: I've always had a couple in my arsenal (I reach for my Chanel sunnies whenever I'm traveling). But TBH, I was the girl that steered clear from sunglasses in general because I wanted to show off my face and/or didn't want to mess up my makeup. You know when you remove your sunglasses and there's that line on your nose that just messes with your face beat so you have to carry your foundation brush with you? Yeah, h8 that. These days, I don't mind the sacrifice too much...just because these trendy sunglasses are that good.

There are the obvious benefits of sunglasses: they're a great shield against the sun's rays, they're a handy mask for the times you pull an all-nighter, they instantly make you look chic, and if you wanna feel mysterious, a huge pair can make you incognito in no time. Honestly, the list can go on but let's just focus on the aesthetic for now, kk? From designer to boutiques and affordable in-betweens, I've got 33 amazing pairs for you to choose from and shop.

I'm sorry...if you're an accessorizing queen—it must have been hard trying to peruse through this list. Especially, if your goal is to look like a celeb at all times and we're just dangling their their faves in front of you. And it's even worse when you're the type to cover all bases, so you obvi have to scope out the options Amazon has, too. Okay okay, guess I'm not that sorry, after all ;)

BRB, brushing up on my French...

Oh hey cool kid, you can def pull off these purple frames.

Can't choose between cat-eye and square? How about both?

This celeb-fave brand will help you hit allll your angles.

Did anyone say Barbiecore?

As per reviews, you're v much gonna regret it if you don't get this white, holographic pair—and the black version, too!

It's giving alien-chic.

Obvi, I can't get enough of pink. Here's another option for ya.

Remember being kids and being so excited to reach for the prize in a cereal box? This green pair is giving me major throwback vibes but in a chic way.

This sleek bb comes in yellow and purple, too!

Rave Review: "Get them! You won't regret it. They are lightweight and cute. Perfect backup options to my Loewe ones are which are sometimes too big and heavy on my face. I love my case, too. It's has a nice rustic look to it. Thanks Rayban, you have done it again with another amazing pair of shades."

Have some fun with a bulbous version via the Simon Miller x Mango collab.

Earn your stripes? Ehh, hbu wear 'em instead?

Urkel, but make it fashion.

You can add an engraving on this cool pair by Burberry.

No idea why Margot Robbie didn't wear these on her press tour or in the movie, tbh...

These remind me that I actually deserve to be laying out on the beach somewhere right now.

Throw these on for a super glam moment.

Anything that Marsai curated is a win for me.

Twins Coco and Breezy are known for wearing and creating the most unique eyewear. So ofc, I wouldn't expect anything less than these fun sunnies from them!

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