Mar 09, 2024

65 Cool Things Under $30 That'll Impress The Hell Out Of Anyone

Honestly, cool barely describes these products.

Finding cool, trendy products for a budget-friendly price online sounds like a breeze, but it can genuinely be time consuming. There’s a lot of stuff out there, and not everything that promises to make your life easier or simply more enjoyable lives up to their impressive description. But that’s where I come in.

I found these 65 things on Amazon that don’t just sound impressive — they are impressive. And best of all, these awesome things are super cheap.

No matter the size of your deck or yard, these string lights will make any space feel like a vacation. The lights are waterproof, solar powered, and come on durable copper wire that’s easily bendable to fit around your banisters, trees, furniture — you name it. Plus, there are eight modes available — including wave, fade, and twinkle — to make sure they create the best outdoor vibe.

Has there ever been an on-the-go makeup stick that can do as much as this e.l.f. monochromatic multi-stick? Not according to the 42,000 ratings it has on Amazon. Available in seven colors, the pigment can be used as eyeshadow, lipstick, or blush to keep you feeling your best no matter where you are. And, it’s 100% cruelty-free and vegan so you can do good while you look good.

Never reach for a plastic straw again when you have this portable, food-grade stainless steel straw. It comes with matching carrying case that can clip onto your keychain or bag, so you can always sip on-the-go. It’s adjustable to fit three sized drinks — 12 oz, 20 oz, and 30 oz — and the set includes a scrub brush for easy cleaning.

In the season of accidental sunburns and middle parts, don’t forget to take care of your scalp with this sunscreen hair mist. The spray’s broad spectrum SPF 30 protects scalps from burning and hair color from fading, all without making your locks look greasy. It’s water resistant up to 80 minutes and reef-friendly, so you can protect your hair and the ocean.

Never frantically wave your hands around your face to cool yourself down again when you have this portable neck fan. The design creates 360 degree air movement around your face and neck to feel like you’re being surround by a constant light breeze, and there are three speeds to this battery-powered fan.

Get ready to field all the impressed questions when this motion-sensor soap dispenser is next to your sink. It holds up to 17 oz of liquid soap and features five output levels depending on how much dishwashing or hand soap you need. Just rest an open hand underneath it’s nozzle and you’ll never have to worry about the top of your soap bottle getting germy again.

You won’t have to set your purse or backpack on the floor again when you have this metal bag hanger. It holds up to 33 pounds and can clip onto chairs, tables, car headrests, and more to keep your bag easily accessible and off the dirty floor. When not in use, the clip can be hooked right onto the strap of your bag for easy storage.

Illuminate the shadowy spaces on your counter, show off the knickknacks on your bookshelf, or give your stairs a modern upgrade with these LED puck lights. These battery-powered lights can be installed in minutes with the included double-sided tape or screws, and then they’re controlled either by tapping them and then dimming them or setting timers with the included remote.

Cleaning makeup brushes won’t feel as daunting with this electric brush cleaner. Just put some cleaning solution in the brush bowl, attach your brushes to the spinner with the eight included collars, and let this thing do all the work with the simple press of a button. You’ll never go a little too long between cleans again. Your skin will thank you.

This season’s hottest accessory? A reusable tumbler that will keep you hydrated and match your outfit. The double-wall insulated stainless steel tumbler is dishwasher-safe, cupholder friendly, and features an ergonomic handle. Its straw and straw lid keep everything leak resistant, and makes sure your drinks stay cold for up to 24 hours.

Have freshly-ground coffee every single morning by adding this grinder to your kitchen. It’s touch operated and works in mere seconds to give you a consistent grind every single time, though the coarseness can be adjusted by simply holding the button for more or less time. This grinder holds up to 3 ounces and isn’t just limited to coffee — it works for spices and nuts, too.

Find the perfect shade of pink every time with this flower lip balm. It applies clear at first, but after interacting with your lip’s natural pH levels, it becomes a shade of pink that’s just for you. Plus, each lipstick is infused with a real chrysanthemum to make you feel as luxurious as you’ll look.

You won’t wake up on the wrong side of the pillow when you add this satin pillowcase to your bedding. Silky and soft, the 100% polyester satin is gentle on skin and hair, to reduce breakouts and split ends. It comes in over three dozen colors to match every bedroom aesthetic and is washing machine safe, which is why it’s a best-seller on Amazon with over 205,000 five-star reviews.

Elevate your in-car dining experience with this clever sauce holder. Just clip it right into the notches of your car’s air vent and almost any sauce from any major food chain will slip right in. Plus, it also includes a food-safe ramekin to hold those tricky squeeze ketchups.

Keep up with the trends without breaking the bank with this convertible belt bag. It features two zippered pockets (one of which has a smaller internal pocket great for IDs and credit card), one crossbody strap, and one fanny pack strap. Versatile and budget-friendly, this quilted bag will have everyone asking “where’d you get that?”

Save time in the kitchen with this electric can opener. In just seconds, this compact gadget will cut open the can without leaving a sharp edge, so you’ll never have to worry about slicing your fingers. Just lodge the opener on the edge of a can, press the button, watch it cut 360 degrees around, then press the button when it’s finished. It’s as easy as that — which is why this is a best-seller on Amazon.

Take Instagram-worthy photos every time with this flexible tripod. The adjustable adapter is compatible with smartphones, digital cameras, DSLR cameras, and video cameras. The three-legged base and metal ball joint keep your phone stable on almost any surface. Plus, it can be controlled with the included remote from up to 30 feet.

Taste all the hints of fruit and earthy notes when you aerate your wine with these fan-favorite aerators. Using the Bernoulli Effect, oxygen is infused into the wine to bring out all of its natural flavors. Plus, the rubber base ensures an airtight seal so you won’t spill even one drop.

Give your lips the hydration and color they deserve with this vegan lip butter. With soothing agave and hydrating shea butter, this balm isn’t greasy or slippery — just silky and smooth. Plus, it comes in 12 gorgeous colors and three bundles if you want a few color options.

Don’t sleep on these gorgeous iridescent drinking glasses that will elevate your dinner without breaking the bank. With an embossed, ribbed pattern and a sparkly rainbow effect, these glasses are a great, vintage-looking addition to your glassware collection. Plus, they have a 4.8-star rating on Amazon, so these fan-favorites are sure to not disappoint.

Make sure you look great everywhere you go with this lighted mirror. It features one regular mirror and one 10x magnified mirror so you can get the perfect eyeliner look on-the-go, and there’s an LED light for perfect makeup application in the dark. One reviewer wrote, “Absolutely a must have for anyone that is on the go a lot! [...] I would highly recommend to anyone, but especially travels, OTR truck drivers, flight attendants, professional drivers, traveling healthcare workers, teachers, etc.”

Keep your skin protected from UVA and UVB rays with this cult classic SPF 50 glow stick. Easy to apply to your face, chest, and shoulders, this sunscreen is made with powerful ingredients to hydrate and protect without leaving that annoying white cast like other sunscreens. Plus, it’s small and easily portable so you have no excuse not to apply.

With 12 interior pockets and three exterior pockets, this purse organizer will make it easier to find your sunglasses or lip balm in the void that is your go-to bag. There are six size options to make sure the organizer fits inside your favorite purse, and it comes in 22 colors to match. Plus, an internal pocket is detachable to customize it for whatever you need.

Keep your clothes, sheets, furniture, and shoes looking brand new with this professional-grade, concentrated stain remover. Just spray directly onto the stain, blot, rinse, and watch the stain disappear, even if it’s an old stain. It’s U.S. EPA Safer Choice certified meaning it’s safe for use around children. Plus, it’s the No. 1 bestseller in Amazon’s laundry stain removers category.

Bring the spa home with this fan-favorite derma roller. With over 540 titanium needles, this roller will exfoliate your face and leave you with a positively glowing complexion, especially when paired with your favorite vitamin C serum. It has over 19,000 five-star reviews, and one reviewer wrote, “The roller is making a huge difference in the visibility of my scars, as well as the overall texture/smoothness of my skin.”

Everyone’s obsessed with claw clips these days, and this gorgeous four-pack is the perfect addition to your collection. Made of acrylic with durable metal springs, these hair clips come in four modern shapes: an oval, a square, a rectangle, and a traditional claw, so they’re suitable for various hair lengths. With a non-slip grip, they’ll elevate any up-do you desire.

Add a fun and cheeky statement piece to your home with this adorable bathroom rug. The rug’s surface is perfectly plush and comfy for your post-shower feet, and the bottom is made of TPR so it won’t slip and slide around your bathroom floor. Best of all, it’s machine washable so it’s super easy to clean.

Reading will never be the same once you have this adjustable LED neck light. It emits three color temperatures — amber, warm white, and cool white — so it’s great for daytime or nighttime reading. And it has three dimmable brightness levels so your eyes are always comfortable. It’s rechargeable, and each charge can last up to 80 hours.

Make nail polish application a breeze every time when you have this silicone bottle holder. It holds bottles regardless of shape and has a suction bottom that keeps it secure on most surfaces. Plus, the holder can be adjusted to angle the bottle toward you so you can dip and paint with ease.

Bring your personal scent to the next level with this roll-on pheromone-infused perfume. Its formula combines with your skin’s natural pH to create a truly unique scent perfect for daily use or for a fun date night. (Wink wink.) A lovely blend of fruits and florals, this scent will make you smell great at a budget-friendly price, which is why it’s a best-seller on Amazon.

Avoid waking up sweating in the middle of the night by wrapping yourself in this cooling blanket. The bamboo material is supremely breathable and moisture-wicking to help keep your temperature down. It releases your body heat to make sure you have a cool and comfy sleep every night.

Make your jewelry the star of the show with this gold hoop earring set. With 14-karat gold plating over sterling silver, these earrings come in six different shapes and sizes. Best of all? They come at a budget-friendly price point, all while looking so expensive. One reviewer raved, “So affordable and cute. I have had one pair on since I bought them and I shower, gym and sleep with them and they have NOT tarnished!!”

Blemish, be gone! These mighty pimple patches will get rid of unwanted spots overnight — literally. They work in six hours. Just apply the invisible, thin sticker to the tricky whitehead, and the medical-grade hydrocolloid absorbs oil and gunk to gently clear things up fast. With over 93,000 five-star ratings, there’s a reason this is No. 1 best-seller on Amazon.

Toss in one of these fun fire pouches — unopened — into your fireplace or bonfire to create rainbow flames. And I truly mean rainbow. They last for up to one hour and are safe for indoor or outdoor use. Plus, when they start to fade, you can just throw another pouch in to keep the fun going, since these come in a pack of 12.

Make your bathroom as fancy as you deserve with this bidet that attaches to your toilet. In just six simple steps (and without any tools), you can have the bathroom of your dreams. Easily connect it to your water supply and attach it to the toilet below the seat. After installation, it features a dial to control the water pressure spray.

A cozy, self-care night in is nothing without these 24-karat gold-infused under-eye masks. Great for dry, oily, or combination skin, these eye patches can help unwanted puffy bags and dark circles so you look like you got a refreshing night’s sleep, even if you didn’t. Insider tip: put them in the refrigerator for a little added de-puffing chill.

This bamboo cheese board and knife set is sure to be the star of your party. The stylish top board swivels open to reveal four stainless steel knives: a spatula knife for soft cheese, a heart knife for hard cheese, a pronged knife for serving, and an all-purpose square knife that works for anything your cheese-loving heart desires.

Ever need a hat and a headlamp at the same time? Well check out this two-in-one beanie with a light attachment. The USB-chargeable light has four bulbs, three brightness settings, and can run for eight hours between charges. Not feeling like lighting up your path? Don’t worry the hat can also be worn without the lamp and comes in 20 colors to fit any vibe.

This setting spray is an easy and budget-friendly add-on to your skincare routine. Just shake it and spray it for the perfect matte finish, and you won’t even feel the weightless formula on your skin. It truly locks in your makeup to prevent smudging and fading all day long. One reviewer raved, “I manage a restaurant and often have to work 13+ hour days. I throw this on in the morning and, despite the several thousand times I throw my face in my hands in despair throughout the day, I still get home with perfectly set make up.”

Keep your cereal fresh and take it anywhere you want with this clever portable cup. The outer layer holds up to 10 ounces of milk, and the inner layer stores 1.6 cups of cereal. With two holes at the top, the cereal and milk stay separate — and sog-free — until you tilt the cup back and enjoy. Best of all, it’s shatter-resistant, cupholder friendly, and dishwasher safe.

Avoid accidentally dropping your phone by using this detachable grip. Simply use the adhesive tape to pop the small attachment onto the back your phone, and the grip slides on—and off—the attachment easily. And, as a bonus, the grip’s handle can be squished to turn it into a kickstand.

Be your own barista when you add this handheld milk frother to your coffee routine. With a silicone handle, a stainless steel whisk, and a powerful battery-operated motor, this will give you luxuriously frothy milk in just 15 seconds. It even comes with a sleek stand to store when not in use.

Keep your makeup brushes safe and clean when you travel with this silicone pouch. It can hold two large makeup brushes or five to eight small ones and features a magnetic closure to keep everything secure and dirt-free. And, because it’s silicone, you’ll be able to get foundation marks or mascara stains off easily: just wipe with soap and water.

Keep your hands and body soft and smooth with this ultra hydrating lotion. Boasting Hawaiian Kuku nut oil to relieve dryness and aloe vera to soothe the skin, this lotion will give you a spa treatment at home. Best of all, it has a non-greasy finish, so your skin won’t feel grimy or heavy after use.

Make a statement without breaking the bank with these stunning vintage-looking sunnies. The narrow cat eye style sunglasses are available in nine stylish colors and come with a carrying box, storage pouch, and cleaning cloth. The lenses are anti-glare and have UVA and UVB coatings to protect your eyes.

Shaped like half an S, this box cutter has an ergonomic handle to make sure you can easily slice boxes and not fingers. The ceramic blade can lock into three positions — fully extended, semi-protruding, and fully hidden — to cut anything up to 8 millimeters thick.

Short on counter space? Make your knives look built-in with this in-drawer bamboo knife block. It slides right into drawers at least 9 inches wide and 17 inches deep and can hold up to 12 knives. The angled edge lifts the knife’s base to keep things secure and prevent blades from sliding or sticking out, which is why this clever home organizer has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.

This bright moon lamp is mounted on a wooden base and is sure to add some astro vibes to any room its in. With data from NASA’s satellite, the lamp replicates a 3D image of the moon’s surface. With the included remote control, it can be switched to 16 far-out colors. Plus, it’s USB-chargeable and can last four to 12 hours between charges.

If you’re looking for an easy eco-friendly swap in your life, try replacing your shampoo bottles with this shampoo bar (which is also easier to travel with). It boasts argan oil to protect, olive oil to moisturize, coconut to cleanse, and rice water to promote hair growth. Plus, just one 5-ounce bar is the equivalent to about three shampoo bottles.

Sit back, relax, and pretend you’re in a spa with these tea light candle holders. Made of Himalayan pink salt crystals, these candle holders give off a romantic amber glow for ultimate relaxation. Each one is hand-crafted, too, so the shapes are unique and look seriously luxe. One reviewer raved, “The natural glow of these are divine and I swear I can smell the fresh salt.”

These short press-on nails will have everyone admiring your manicure. Available in 17 gorgeous colors, the ready-to-wear nails are waterproof, chip-proof, and use an adhesive to attach to your nail bed, rather than messy, sticky glue. The kit comes with a prep pad, a cuticle pusher, a nail file, and 30 nails in 15 sizes to make sure you find your perfect fit.

Say goodbye to warm soda, seltzer, beer, or any other 12-ounce canned beverage, when you have this stainless steel can cooler. The triple-insulated technology will keep your drink cold for 12 hours without any drippy condensation. Available in 11 colors, these sleeves have the added benefit of being aesthetic.

Save money and the environment when you swap out your paper towels for these reusable Swedish dish cloths. They’re made of cotton and cellulose, so they’re super absorbent and biodegradable. They can be used on stone, tile, stainless steel, and wood, and just one sheet lasts from three to 12 months. Plus, they’re dishwasher- and washing machine-safe for easy cleaning.

These plug-in night lights detect motion within about 12 feet and turn off again after 60 seconds, so they’re a great option for late-night bathroom trips. They also automatically turn off at dawn, which helps to save you precious energy. Though they’re triggered by motion, these lights are dimmable.

These Morse code bracelets will keep your secrets safe with you. Spelled out in dots and dashes, these bracelets have funny messages like “Beautiful bad*ss” or “Best b*tch*s” to inspirational reminders like “You are loved” or “I am enough.” The hidden messages in these handmade bracelets are sure to impress.

Add this stainless steel ice roller to your skincare routine for a soothing, de-puffing facial at home. Just put the roller in the refrigerator, and after 15 minutes it will be ready to use. The cooling massage promotes blood circulation to reduce unwanted redness, puffiness, and headaches for a relaxing and restorative experience.

Add these faux ivy vines to any wall, fireplace, patio, archway — you name it — and you’ll have an elevated look in minutes. The set includes 24 waterproof plastic vines that are each 7 feet long and feature silk leaves. A decor option for renters and owners, the vines can be hung with tape, push pins, or glue.

With a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, reviewers agree this fun ceramic jewelry holder is an adorable vanity necessity. It can be used to store lipsticks and jewelry, though some turn it into a cool planter for small succulents. Plus, it’s super easy to clean—just wipe it down with soap and water. One reviewer wrote, “I love the color, it holds all of my lip balms, it doesn't take up lots of space...if you're on the it!!!!”

This six-piece makeup brush set makes traveling a breeze. It features one eyeshadow brush, one lip brush, one highlighter brush, one blender brush, and two clear plastic brush covers to keep everything clean when stored. Reviewers note that these highly-portable brushes are super soft, too.

You won’t regret adding this show-stopping croissant dome ring to your jewelry collection — especially at this budget-friendly price. Its 14-karat gold plated, and features a unique braided design that gets chunkier at the top of your finger to make a real statement. And, many reviewers note that even after one year of near constant use, it has yet to tarnish or discolor.

Keep your cooking necessities easily accessible with this extra large stainless steel utensil holder. Featuring a removable three-compartment divider, the 7-inch wide holder can rotate 360 degrees to make sure you can reach everything inside. It is fingerprint-proof and has a non-skid base to keep your things secure.

Up your house shoe game with these ultra plush and fluffy slippers. They come in 14 colors and patterns, and feature a rubber sole that will keep you from sliding around when you’re wearing them. The open-toed crisscrossed design and have a 2 centimeter heel for cushioned support.

Avoid the dreaded red battery notification when you have this portable charger. With one USB outlet, one USB-C outlet, and one lightning outlet, the charger is compatible with Apple and Android products and can power up an iPhone 13 twice from 0 to 100%. This lightweight, slim charger uses exclusive PowerIQ technology to protect a device’s battery life and ensure it won’t overcharge.

Add a touch of an under the sea vibe to any room with this adorable nightlight. The pearl-shaped light gives off warm glow but can also be taken out, and the ceramic shell can be used as a dish for jewelry or other bedside knickknacks. Plus, the light is battery-operated so you won’t need to worry about placing it next to an outlet.

Take your barbecue to the next level with these meat claws. Of course, they can be used to shred chicken, beef, or pork, but the clever curved design also allows you to lift food out of slow cookers. And after your cookout, these easy-grip claws are dishwasher-safe.

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