Oct 28, 2023

Margot Robbie's stunning Barbie film promo dresses all have a clever theme

FOR Margot Robbie, life really is plastic and fantastic.

The Aussie actress won the job of a lifetime with the title role in new movie Barbie, based on the world’s favourite doll.

And life is imitating art for Margot as she tours the globe promoting the film, dazzling in similar outfits worn by Barbie during her 64 years as a top toy.

On Sunday, 33-year-old Margot stole the show at the star-studded world premiere in Los Angeles as she wore a glittering black trumpet gown inspired by the Barbie “Solo in the Spotlight” doll from 1960.

Elsewhere, she has been kitted out head-to-toe in the doll’s signature pink, uncannily like the real Barbie’s classic looks.

Even though Margot’s get-ups would make most people look daft, taking style notes from Barbie has boosted her fashion status.

From astronaut Barbie to equestrian character — and every cocktail dress in between — the iconic doll can do it all.

So who wouldn’t want to be like her?

And let’s not forget, fashion is meant to be fun, so good for Margot for living out every girl’s fantasy while she can and looking amazing while doing so.

Here, we take a look at how the actress carries off Barbie’s outfits.

The actress wowed on the red carpet in Los Angeles by taking a quick break from pink and instead stepping out in a black evening dress from Italian label Schiaparelli.

Inspired by the Sixties “Solo in the Spotlight” Barbie, she really did steal the limelight.

In Sydney, Australia, Margot mirrored her character down to every last sequin, dressed as “Day to Night” Barbie from 1985.

Wearing a Versace frock with tulle skirt, she is every inch the image of you know who.

Margot touched down in Sydney with denim jeans and pink luggage, in homage to the girl of the moment.

Travel Barbie came with denim dress and pink cases as she took to the skies for holidays.

Margot successfully channelled the look with her own fashionable twist.

Margot looked to the masters of bodycon dresses, French fashion house Herve Leger, to recreate the first-ever Barbie outfit.

In 1959, that original doll wore a monochrome striped swimsuit with white sunglasses, which Margot recreated Down Under.

Everything from Margot’s pink polka dot dress to her yellow quilted bag that she wore in Beverly Hills is the same as the “Pink and Fabulous” Barbie from 2012.

The cutout detail in Margot’s dress, around the stomach, gives a modern update.

In 1985, makers Mattel created “Day to Night” Barbie, with bubblegum-pink suit, phone and suitcase.

Fast-forward to now and Margot’s Versace outfit for the film’s showcase in South Korean capital Seoul was spot on, as was her £4,842 clutch bag by Judith Leiber.

On the red carpet in Sydney, wearing a shimmering frock by Versace, Margot gave a hip, hip, hooray to the “Happy Birthday” Barbie.

Her dress, like one previously worn by German supermodel Claudia Schiffer, matched the doll’s sparkly outfit flawlessly.

Wearing a fitted jacket and skirt co-ord covered in diamante gems in Seoul, Margot transformed herself brilliantly into the Sparkling Pink Barbie of 1964 vintage.

She doubled down on the diamante with her handbag and headpiece.

By Dulcie Pearce, Sun Film Critic

IN the movie world, there’s a new wave of actors now unwilling to promote their own films.

Only last year, Superbad actor Jonah Hill announced that, in a bid to protect his mental health, he will no longer take part in media appearances. And American Jonah, 39, is not alone.

It’s with that in mind I give extra-fluorescent pink points to Margot Robbie for wearing Barbie’s back catalogue of outfits, painting on a smile and getting on with the job in style.

Quite literally.

With a contractual obligation that must be about the size of the Bible, Margot certainly has put in an impressive shift.

And, I suspect, she will not go near a hot-pink frock the moment the round of promotions for Barbie is over.

Well done to Margo for showing the rest of Hollywood how being in a summer blockbuster doesn’t just mean turning up to the studio to read your lines.

You really are a doll.

IN the movie world, there’s a new wave of actors now unwilling to promote their own films.