Jun 17, 2023

Shades of Blue

Along the rugged Washington coast, there is a custom-built home in Seabrook that features floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase all the Pacific Ocean’s beautiful furies and its occasional moments of calm.

“The dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows in the luxury residential design played a significant role in embracing the coastal environment throughout all seasons,” said Cassie Hanson, the founder and lead designer of Dae Planner Design Co. in University Place. She’s designed several rental and second homes for clients in Seabrook, a postcard-perfect beach town perched above the sea on a bluff on the Olympic Peninsula near Pacific Beach.

Hanson and Dae Planner’s lead designer, Brenda Harwood, designed this four-bedroom, three-story home and its carriage house, featuring a one-bedroom loft and kitchenette. The home is privately owned and not part of the rental pool.

The designers’ goal was to create a cohesive design that accurately reflects their clients bold, minimal, and modern style while also incorporating the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape, they noted.

Nature Forward: The designers say the playful use of bold patterns was balanced with the calming effect of natural elements, woods, and earth tones.

Cute Kitchen: The kitchenette in the carriage house might be small, but it is packed with style. The green is a reminder of the mosses, towering trees, and seaweed in its surrounding nature.

Speaking of the landscape, designing near the coast has challenges, thanks to the sandy beach, salty air, and moisture. “We carefully selected fabrics and materials that could withstand the coastal elements while still providing comfort and style. Easy maintenance is key,” Hanson said. Working on projects in Seabrook is rewarding. “Designing homes in Seabrook is always wonderful … These homes offer clients a chance to escape from their daily routines and immerse themselves in a new and refreshing environment. This mindset often makes them more open to exploring new design ideas and embracing a different aesthetic.”

Rug Stars: “We were able to source beautiful and durable rugs for all the rooms in the home. They add coziness and are some of our favorites we’ve used thus far,” Hanson said.

Many shades of blue incorporated throughout the home not only add a pop of color but also coordinate beautifully with the breathtaking views of the ocean, resulting in a cohesive design throughout, the designers note.

A lot of items seen in this home are available at Seattle Design Center’s J Garner Homes.

Nature Forward: Cute Kitchen: Rug Stars: