Jun 11, 2024

The 19 Best Retro Sunglasses on the Internet

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I’ll admit that when it comes to fashion, accessories tend to be the furthest thing from my mind. I’m one of those people who gets roped into the thrill of core outfit pieces, or the items that make up the majority of a look. An eye-catching top, a flattering pair of pants, or a dress purchased with a particular occasion in mind are the wardrobe pieces I instantly mentally conjure (and get excited about) when I’m thinking or writing about fashion. Again, accessories, to me, are a bit of an afterthought. But this is where I am—objectively—wrong in my thought process.

While physically small and (typically) visually subtle, accessories can actually play an enormous role in making or breaking an outfit. They allow you to style wardrobe pieces in a multitude of ways by altering a look with their presence and—more often than not—can serve a useful purpose that extends beyond the way they look. One particular summer accessory that should never be overlooked (pun intended, I suppose) is a go-to pair of sunglasses.

Beyond their ability to protect your eyes from the sun, sunglasses are typically highly stylized and can add a sense of completeness to an ensemble. One trend that’s been recently enjoying its time in the spotlight? Retro sunglasses.

Whether it be driven by the general nostalgia people are feeling in an increasingly digital world, cultural influence from either the rise of Barbie (a toy created in the 1950s) or hit book and television show “Daisy Jones and the Six,” or the fact that retro styles are—and always will be—downright cool, the fact of the matter is retro sunglasses are the “it” accessory to own right now.

Retro sunglasses are a broad spectrum. There are a lot of different sizes and shapes that fall under the category, making it easy to both embrace the trend while shopping for the best style sunglasses for your face. Whether you want to go all-in, dawning an oversized, square pair of shades that take the outfit spotlight, or dabble with a chic and subtle pair of rectangular frames, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here’s a few to get you started.

Leave it to the sunglass gods over at Ray Ban to craft such a perfect pair of retro shades. The square shape is nothing short of bold, lending the frames the ability to instantly elevate an outfit.

3 colors available

If you’re one to think (well, style) outside of the box, consider an oversized pair of metal frames in a non-traditional shape. While the oversized shape speaks to glamor, the daintiness of the wire framing keeps the pair chic, avoiding a look that’s too heavy.

5 colors available

When it comes to classic retro sunglasses, nothing fits the bill like a pair of aviators. It’s just one of those styles that will endure until the end of time. A pair of neutral-colored aviator sunglasses can add a cool-girl element to just about any summer ‘fit. Style with ‘70s-style clothing for a bonafide Daisy Jones look

Accessorize like an “it-girl” with a pair of understated and oversized shades (a juxtaposition that screams high fashion). This pair from Coach Outlet comes in three classic colors, all of which are designed to pair well with any outfit in any season.

Navigator-style sunglasses have been seeing an uptick in popularity—and it is a small wonder why. This pair from Quay boasts polarized lenses and built-in nose pads. The feminine color options paired with the more masculine silhouette creates a striking visual contrast that can easily elevate your look.

These oversized sunglasses are vintage-feeling in the best possible way. With a two-toned color scheme that makes a statement, they'll be the focal point of any outfit you pair them with (in the very best way).

Being on-trend doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. This pair of rectangular sunglasses is affordable, chic, and available in a number of colors (so feel empowered to pick up a pair, or two).

13 colors available

There’s just something appealing about a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses—particularly in the fall or winter when the dark, warm tones have the ability to capture the essence of the season. Plastic frames are incredibly durable and have a better chance of keeping their form after being smashed around in your handbag with your other essentials (No judgment—such is the hazard of having fun and living your best life.)

A quality pair of acetate shades can last a lifetime. The three different color options make this a fun pair to add to your warm-weather wardrobe. Style with your favorite sundress or matching set.

3 colors available

If you’re looking for a playful, affordable pink accessory to pick up while living your best Barbie life, then this rhinestone-adored, half-rim pair may be just the ticket. Afterall, in the immortal words of Cyndi Lauper: Girls just wanna have fun.

This chic pair of rectangular sunglasses is a no-fail option for entering the retro sunglasses arena. The shape and color options are timeless, establishing them as a wear-every-day-for-years kind of accessory. A mirror finish on the lenses ups the cool-girl factor and eco-friendly acetate frames make them a conscientious shopping choice.

3 colors available

Round sunglasses—sometimes also referred to as “teashades”—are an iconic style that soared in popularity during the ‘60s and ‘70s. (So yes, that’s probably why a pair of round shades makes you instantly think of John Lennon). This particular pair is made in France and illustrates retro chic at its finest.

I own four different pairs of Warby Parker glasses—no, I’m not kidding and no, I’m not ashamed—and I love every single pair. The quality of Warby glasses is hard to beat for the price point, and every single pair they make is designed with style top of mind—they’re unique in the best kind of way. This pair hits on retro vibes and is especially well-suited for those with a wide or broad face.

2 colors available

If you’re looking to dip your toe into the retro sunglasses trend without going all-in, then this pair might be the perfect solution. Both the shape and thinness of the frames themselves make the shades appear light and set them up well to be ultra-flattering, no matter your face shape.

When it comes to classic retro sunglasses, for me, cat eye frames instantly come to mind. And if you’re going to go all-in and embrace such a bold trend, then why not reach for a pair that also mirrors the era they derive from in color? TL;DR: Don’t be afraid to wear orange. Style with your favorite casual or office outfit.

5 colors available

I’ve owned this same pair of vintage design sunglasses for over a year and absolutely adore them (Despite the fact that my husband calls me “Betty Draper” every time I wear them—just kidding, I actually love it). They’re statement-making, high-quality, and match with just about everything. I love styling them in the summer months with classic prints, such as seersucker and gingham.

2 colors available

If you’re a go-big-or-go-home kind of gal, then this pair of funky retro sunglasses from Anthropologie may be just the pair for you. The sharp, angular frames are not for the faint of heart—serious fashionistas only, please—especially when it comes to the bright, attention-grabbing shade of brown. Scratch-resistant lenses ensure this pair will last for years to come.

4 colors available

These ultra-flattering sunglasses are the perfect mix between a cat-eye and oval shape, resulting in the perfect vintage feel. The best part? They’ll look great with your outfits all year round.

3 colors available

If you want to take your cat-eye sunnies to the next level, this dramatic, sharp-edged pair is for you. They're elevated but still classic, meaning you can wear them for years to come.